Summer Festival Events
(stay tuned to this page for udpates as new events are finalized)

Taiko Drums - Students from Ohio bring their traditional Japanese Taiko Drum Performance to Central Kentucky.
Koto and Shamisen Performance - Popular Indianapolis musician, Garret Uyeno, performs lively music.
Kendo - Demonstration of Kendo by Central Kentucky Kendo Club.
Japanese Chorus - Traditional songs performed by Japanese women living in Kentucky. 
Japan Folk Dance - Learn this simple dance and join the fun with our local Japanese community - like a line-dance but more Japanese!

Japanese Idol Competition
Karaoke-singing competitors compete for the grand prize of $1,000!  Learn more.
Booth Activities
Kimono - Try on a summer kimono - the yukata - and snap some pictures.
Calligraphy - Watch a pro write in calligraphy or write your own name in Japanese characters.
Ikebana - Learn about the art of Japanese flower arrangement and create your own bouquet.
Origami - Try your hand at the ancient art of origami - folding paper.
Manga - Manga is the Japanese words for Comics. In Japan, manga are widely read by all ages.
Wii Free-Play - Play MarioKart with your friends on big TVs - challenge mom and dad on one of Japan's most popular exports, the Nintendo Wii.  

Japanese Cuisine
Tachibana - Lexington's first Japanese restaurant will cook yakisoba on the hibachi grille
- Japanese restaurant in Lexington. They will serve teriyaki chicken, yakiniku-don
- Newest Japanese Restaurant in Lexington will serve Curry rice and California Roll sushi.
Happy Japan - This traveling food trailer sells delicious Japanese treats

Japan/America Society of Kentucky
464 Chenault Rd.
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 209-9630

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