The Golf Connection


JASK Members enjoy playing golf together; it is one of many places where the Japanese and Americans find common ground. 

Our members enjoy our annual Golf Classic every Fall and our Friendship Golf Tournament every Spring, but when they just want a casual game, members can use the Golf Connection to organize golf rounds together. 

Want to play a round of golf with your fellow JASK members?  Just fill in the form below to join a game that is scheduled or suggest your own time and course.  JASK will review submissions and help organize the games.

We do not hold games in specific languages because we want to encourage cross-cultural games.  The Golf Connection is another way we help Japanese and Americans in Kentucky connect with each other.



下記のJASK会員と一緒に回りませんか? ご興味があるかたは、希望する時間またゴルフ場(ゴルフ場が指定されていない場合)を書き入れてください。


Stay tuned for the next scheduled game, or set up your own!

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