Report on Japan/America Society of Kentucky's Donated Relief Funds

14 Aug 2013 4:08 PM | Anonymous
The Japan/America Society of Kentucky recently received a report from the Japan Center For International Exchange - the organization JASK had donated it's over $75,000 worth of relief money funds. The report is below, please feel free to look at it and send any comments to

Highlights of the Report

AidTAKATA - A local radio station that provides community services, programs, and Tsunami warnings to residents.
Art Revival Connection Tohoku (ARCT) - With support from the fund, ARCT, an arts group active in the disaster recovery in Miyagi Prefecture, created and hosted participatory programs for senior citizens in the city of Higashi Matsushima.
Fuji Social Welfare Foundation: Kitchen Car Project - The Fuji Social Welfare Foundation launched a "Kitchen Car Project" that provides food trucks to local chefs in Kamaishi who have lost their restaurants. The project helps employ them, providing a path back to restaurant ownership for these chefs and ensuring that there is food readily available near temporary housing settlements and in devastated areas of town
Fukushima Organic Agriculture Network (FOAN) - The Fukushima Organic Agriculture Network (FOAN) is working to integrate farmers displaced by the nuclear accident – many of whom are senior citizens – into the local community by matching them with local farmers who need employees.
Kamaishi Coastal Community Project: Support for Artisanal Oyster Farming - Kamaishi Platform has been working to help revive Kamaishi's oyster industry, which was devastated by the 40-foot tsunami waves that struck the town.
Leading Aging Society Forum – Funding has been provided to support the forum's "Coordination Platform for Senior Citizens Health and Welfare," an initiative to survey the actual needs of seniors and ensure that none slip through the cracks as different agencies try to respond to their various needs.
Sanaburi Foundation – Sanaburi Foundation was launched in 2011 as the Tohoku region's first community foundation. It channels funds from inside and outside the region to community-based projects and, by doing this, strengthen the foundations of Tohoku's nonprofit sector.
Sankaku Planning Iwate (Delivery Care Project) – For a small, 100-yen fee ($1), the staff shop for basic necessities on behalf of senior citizens and other people with limited mobility in the temporary housing settlements.
World in Asia (WiA) – WiA was created shortly after the 3.11 disaster to coach nonprofit organizations and social ventures on ways of strengthening their institutional capacity and serving their communities more effectively.

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