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Dobree Adams: Connecting Japan and Kentucky Through Tapestry, Photographs, & Poems

04 Jan 2011 10:33 AM | Deleted user
Years ago, I was a charter member of JASK.  I met many of the wives of the Japanese executives who came to Kentucky to start up the Toyota Plant and its joint venture companies.  Some of my new friends, having become familiar with my tapestries as well as my farm, suggested that I exhibit in Japan.  When they returned, they helped me find venues for exhibitions in Tokyo and in Ikeda. I first exhibited in Japan in 1993 and then again in Ikeda in 1998.

Over the years, my husband, Jonathan Greene - a poet, publisher, and book designer - and I have been increasingly influenced by Japan and its art in our work.  We have forged a multi-faceted collaboration of vision and voice from our separate worlds, our life together on a Kentucky River farm north of Frankfort, our travels, and our common interests.  

Our collaboration has led to a work called: FULL CIRCLE.  Many of the tapestries in the collection were inspired by Japanese design aesthetics.  Jonathan's poems, which accompany many of the tapestries and photographs, have been heavily influenced by Asian poetry and Buddhist thought.

We hope to bring Japan and Kentucky closer together through an exhibit of FULL CIRCLE at the Headley-Whitney Museum in Lexington from January 21 through March 27.  We invite our JASK friends to the opening reception on Friday, January 21, 6 - 8 p.m. at the Headley-Whitney Museum.  We also invite you to visit the collection at your convenience with family and friends.

Ms. Tomoko Yonenaga, Master Koto performer, will play traditional koto music live at the reception.  

The Headley-Whitney Museum is located at 4435 Old Frankfort Pike in Lexington. Hours are Tuesday - Friday 10 - 5 and Saturday 7 Sunday 12 -5.  For more information, please call the museum at 859-255-6653 or visit www.headley-whitney.org.
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