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  • 26 May 2012 11:30 AM | Deleted user

    5月26日 ルイビルのFrasier博物館にて、同博物館の侍展とタイアップし、「古武道」(Old Martial Arts)のレクチャー・デモンストレーションを予定。 http://shouseikan.com/ 甲野善紀・陽紀氏親子


  • 08 May 2012 11:42 AM | Deleted user

    総合人事商社クレオコンサルティング(本社: Cincinnati, OH)が人事や労務管理に

    アメリカ人事業界で著名なコンサルタントstrategic HR, inc(本社: Loveland,

    ■レキシントン: 6月7日(木)2:00~4:30 pm
    Doubletree Guest Suites Hotel (2601 Richmond Rd, Lexington, KY 40509)
    ■シンシナティ: 6月8日(金)2:00~4:30 pm 受付終了
    Tri County Parkway Building 会議室 (155 Tri County Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH
    ■申込み&問い合わせ:Creo Consulting, LLC Tel: 513-771-7750
     E-mail: info@creo-usa.com

  • 21 Apr 2012 11:11 AM | Deleted user
    On Saturday, April 21st, 9:00 AM, the 3rd annual Yuko-En Garden Gallop 5K Run/Walk will be held at the Yuko-En Garden in Georgetown, KY. Presented in conjunction with the Yuko-En Redbud/Cherry Blossom Festival and the International Kite Festival held at the Cardome/Yuko-En site on Saturday and Sunday, the race attracts fitness and Japan enthusiasts from around the region.
    The race will be held by lovely Elkhorn Creek in Charles Brookings Park with logistical support from John's Run Walk Shop in Lexington. JASK members are cordially invited to participate. All proceeds go to support the operations and maintenance of Yuko-En, the Official Kentucky-Japan Friendship Garden.
    For further race and registration information, visit http://www.yuko-en.com/GardenGallop-2012-Reg_Form.pdf.
    Businesses or groups interested in sponsoring the race and being listed on race t-shirts can contact Andrew Maske at andrew.maske@uky.edu.
  • 20 Oct 2011 12:27 PM | Deleted user
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened up the application for Japanese American high school
    students to apply now through November 30, 2011. Only five (5) Japanese
    American high school participants will be chosen in the United States. The
    program will take place from March 9-20, 2012 where they will visit the
    Kanto and Kansai area. 

  • 08 Aug 2011 3:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear JASK Friends,

    I feel very privileged and honored to assume the JASK Executive Director position. We have had a great history of effective leaders in this position and I will do my best to uphold the traditions of quality that have gone before me.

    I am so looking forward to getting to know and work alongside all of you.  I am excited for this opportunity that the board has given me to lead this amazing organization.  I believe many facets of my present and past work experience, as well as my outside activities will help me as we grow our organization to new heights.

    I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity of working with people from around the world and have spent several years living and traveling abroad while working in various guest relations marketing positions including a five year stay in

    Japan . 

    My family and I live in 

    Lexington where our five year old son starts kindergarten at the Maxwell Spanish Immersion Elementary School in downtown Lexington . 

    I look forward to the exciting future that JASK will bring us all!


    Dave Carpenter

  • 06 Jul 2011 1:14 PM | Deleted user
    After four years, JASK says farewell to Matt Krebs, who leaves to pursue a Ph.D. at UK on August 15.  

    Dear JASK Friends,

    Four years ago when I started, I could not have known the privilege it would be to count so many JASK members as friends.  But I am not alone; JASK has brought together thousands of Japanese and Americans as friends in its twenty-five years.  As I turn over the director position to David Carpenter, a most capable and committed friend of Japan, I look forward to many new friendships yet to form among JASK members.

    For my part, I have chosen to pursue a Ph.D. in applied cultural anthropology at the University of Kentucky.  I aim to study and expand the value of cross-cultural understanding.  I often told people that, in another life, I would like to be an anthropologist.  I decided to start that other life now.  My studies begin this Fall.  My wife and I eventually concluded that I should resign from JASK in order to focus 100% on my academic pursuits.  I will also be teaching Japanese courses on campus. 

    As JASK grows and changes it will continue to be a catalyst to many friendships and business relationships among the Japanese and Americans in Kentucky.  I invite each of you and your companies to invest your time and resources in the success of JASK and its new director.  I was often gratified to hear JASK members say that they got more out of JASK than they put in to JASK. 

    et me take this opportunity to thank each of you for your support during my tenure at JASK.  It has been enriching for me professionally and personally.  I look forward to continuing the friendships that I have begun.  


    With gratitude,

    Matt Krebs

  • 01 Jun 2011 2:51 PM | Deleted user
    We look forward to everyone getting to know our new Project Manager, Ms. Mariko Shimada, beginning with reading her introductory note. 


    Dear JASK members,

    My name is Mariko Shimada and I am happy to be the new Project Manager at JASK. 

    I am originally from Tokyo, Japan.  Due to my father’s job assignments, I have lived in many countries, such as Holland, Korea and now the US.  The longest place that I have lived is here in the U.S. – nearly twenty years now.  I was in Washington State for most of that time and have now been in Kentucky for two years.  After graduating from Washington State University with BA degree in Marketing, I spent a little time working with the Japan/America Society of Washington.  I then worked at a software company in Washington.  After a few years and a promotion to Sales/Marketing manager, my life changed when my son was born.  I resigned the position and have focused on raising him since that time.  Now that my son is a little older and going to school full time, I had begun to feel that I wanted to work again.  I feel lucky to have found this position at JASK.

    One of my passions is tennis.  Since moving to Kentucky I have gotten involved with an organization that introduces kids ten-years-old and younger to tennis.  I have been actively working with local elementary schools to introduce tennis.  I really enjoy helping young children learn about such a great sport and hope to reach many children in Kentucky.

    My son keeps our free time occupied with various sports activities such as tennis, soccer and baseball.  I also play tennis, of course.  I am a USTA 4.5 player.  My local team will be playing the district tournament this summer, hoping to advance to the sectionals and beyond.

    I am very excited to be part of the JASK team and look forward to meeting you all at future JASK events.


    Mariko Shimada

  • 20 May 2011 4:18 PM | Deleted user
    Tatsuya Nakatani is everywhere.  Everywhere when he drums and drumming everywhere in the world.  He experiments with the cacophonous gong, incorporating local drummers in his performances. 
    Tomorrow, May 21, he will play in Lexington at "Collexion", a collaboration hot-spot at 111 E. Louden Ave..  The event is in the evening at 8:00pm.  Three members of the Lexington band: Everyone Lives, Everyone Wins, will join him to perform on Saturday. 

  • 09 May 2011 10:02 AM | Deleted user
    Marjorie Guyon is painting with her hand and her heart.  You can help her support tsunami relief in Japan.  A print of her new painting: "Miyagi", will will improve any office, any reception area, any dining room, any gallery.  Best of all, your purchase is a contribution to relief efforts in Japan.   

    With two recent successful projects: one at Keeneland and now the Nations of Nations project that moved last month from display outside Mayor Jim Gray's City Offices to the W.T. Young Library, Ms. Guyon still took time to paint: "Miyagi."

    The painting: "Miyagi," quietly invites its audience to remember those in Miyagi who lost their lives in the March 11 disasters and subsequent heartache.  With so much rebuilding left to undertake, our contributions can help our friends in Japan.  Ms. Guyon's gracious donation of "Miyagi" and the right to reprint, to the Japan/Kentucky Relief Fund, means that all of the net revenue, after printing and shipping, goes directly to Japan. 

    A local printer, Don Ament, will mail the print with Ms. Guyon's original signature to your office or home. 

    Visit our webpage to learn more
    and donate to Japan relief by purchasing this print. 
  • 02 May 2011 11:17 AM | Anonymous member
    On April 26, JASK hosted a 6:01 Club and Open House event at our new offices at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce in Frankfort.  We were pleased to see many of you there!  The event was a great success.  Many of our members were able to meet one another, reconnect, and see the beautiful building that JASK now calls home.

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