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New member Introduction

  • 24 Aug 2011 6:51 PM
    Message # 683982
    Deleted user

    I just joined JASK yesterday and wanted to post a brief introduction of myself as a new member.

    My name is Cary Bishop. I moved to Lexington, KY from the Columbus, OH area in May 2011, after my wife accepted a Lexington chemistry lab supervisor position in late 2010.

    I have been an attorney in Ohio for about 7 years, mostly as a child support prosecutor. Currently I am working as an interim Unemployment Appeals Referee 1 for the state while looking for a non-interim position.

    I am married, in my mid-30s, and have two sons, aged 6 and 3.

    I have studied Japanese for about four years in total, including a six month stay at Chubu University in Kasugai, Japan (near Nagoya). In addition to Japanese language, I am also interested in Japanese history, culture and technology (i.e. robotics and gadgets). I enjoy learning about Japanese martial arts, but have no talent for it myself…which I learned when I tried to learn Kyudo (Japanese Archery) at Chubu University.

    I decided to join JASK because I’d like to get to know people who share my interest in things Japanese. I also would like to polish-up my Japanese language skills that I have not used as much as I would have liked since graduation from law school.

    I have decided that I am going to register to take the lowest level of the JLPT in December, so please do not hesitate to share if you have any advice or tips!

    I look forward to getting to know other members of JASK better in the future.


    Cary B Bishop

  • 24 Apr 2017 3:51 AM
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  • 23 Jun 2017 6:51 AM
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  • 29 Jun 2017 3:18 AM
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