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"Beyond Grits" Mini Kaiseki

  • 25 Jul 2013
  • 03 Aug 2013
  • School Restaurant

Mini Kaiseki at School Restaurant

As a participant in Lexington's Restaurant Week "Beyond Grits", School will be offering a Mini Kaiseki for $25 from July 25th through August 3rd.  

725日から83日まで、レキシントンではレストランウィークとして“Beyond Grits”が開催されます。


是非スクールミニ懐石をお試し下さい! ご来店お待ちしております。

Reservations can be made through OpenTable

Visit School's Website for more information.

School is located at 162 Old Todds Road, Suite #110.  859-269-0677.  schoolsushi@gmail.com

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